Matching world’s top suppliers with their target customers, using our extensive international network of established long-term relationships and knowledge of the market.


Finding new and creative ways to move cargo fast and effectively around the globe to minimise transportation costs. We are handling bulk vessel shipments of up to 45’000 tons as well as smaller container deliveries.

Storage & distribution

Storing and distributing goods through our arrangements with the ports, forwarders and truck companies at the key locations in order to optimise the timing of our deliveries.


Material sourcing is done from distant and diverse countries of the world, ranging from Europe, CIS, Middle East to South East Asia, constantly expanding due to an unstable world trade situation.

Who we are

America Steel Trade Corporation is an independent trading company specializing in sourcing, importing, warehousing and distributing steel, raw materials and polymer products into North and South America.


To be the world’s most effective and dynamic international trading company, connecting distant consumers and producers of steel and polymers by providing the first-rate service via trading, shipping and financing.


Our team has years of experience working at the steel mill, managing deliveries from inside out, finding and establishing solid customers, handling documentation, chartering vessels, shipping part cargos, financing, insuring cargo and payments, solving claims, making production plans and following up orders from the melt shop to customer’s warehouse.

Raw materials

American Steel Trade is a leader in distribution of steel long and flat products from CIS, MENA and Europe. We are exclusively selling rebars, wire rods, merchant bar, billets from the main steel mills.

Our experience as global traders enable us to link customers with a wide range of suppliers. We also guarantee to assist our customers to find the products that suits the best for their needs.

American Steel Trade supplies a range of raw materials which are critical to the steel production. We also collect and recycle more than 70’000 tons per year of ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic scrap in Russia.

We have tolling arrangements with our partners for conversion of Lithium Carbonate into Lithium Hydroxide both of which we also trade. Lithium Hydroxide is supplied to batteries and petroleum industry.

America Steel Trade supplies prime and recycled LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC granules from Russia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Saudi Arabia. We purchase plastic scrap from North America and Europe to be later recycled at our joint ventures in CIS.

Customer relations managment

We are helping factories to find their best match customers, according to their production and sales plans. Our sales team will introduce your product to new markets, get the orders, manage deliveries, handle claims, and make sure you are paid in full and on time. Signing long-term contracts and enhancing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers are our goals in customer relation management.

Supplies chain managment

AST creates solutions for its customers in order to determine the most suitable suppliers and help to place an order. Making sure that our customers receive the products with the desired quality, tailored payment terms and at the best possible price are the priority for our supply chain management services.

Exclusive sales services

America Steel Trade is acting as an exclusive distributor of steel mills for North and South American markets. The long-term distribution contracts maximize trade benefits for both suppliers and consumers. Our suppliers can rely on the stable demand for their steel products, while we effectively manage logistics and financial services. Our consumers can concentrate on their core business knowing they are always covered with supplies and everyone gets the savings from freight, financing, prices and insurance.

Financing services

The company’s essential growth and development is dependent upon its healthy relationships with banks and financial institutions in the USA and Switzerland. Our mission is to ensure strong financial position and capabilities to structure the trade finance, which creates the ability to meet our suppliers and customers needs.

Logistics optimisation

America Steel Trade’s logistic services include organizing inspection, safe handling of cargo across the supply chain, loading, shipping, breaking bulk, inspection and in-land distribution. The company’s distribution network enhances trading opportunities as well as simplifies trading transactions with the local USA locations. Our warehouses are located at the main ports of the USA. that allows to optimize timing of our delivery. The role of our logistics is to ensure efficient and reliable transportation of goods. We always find the best way to make steel transactions as easy as possible for our suppliers and buyers. AST’s expertise in logistical networks assists the team to efficiently complete distributing metal around the world.


America Steel Trade provides comprehensive insurance programs for all cargo and credit insurances. The cargo insurance includes loading, transportation and unloading the cargo. Credit insurance provides the protection of account receivable from loss. Such coverages are important protection against incurring financial loss, lengthy claims handling and legal disputes. We develop effective solutions for our customers that help them manage physical risks and optimise opportunities for the future transactions.

Dustribution map
Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean
Russia, CIS
Moscow office
Geneva office
Italy office
North Africa
Middle East

America Steel Trade business model is based on the global network of clientele and producers. Finding a leading way to make steel transactions easy allows us to provide the first-rate service via trading, shipping, logistics and finance.

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